Sustainability 2021

Utnarm’s sustainability work in 2021 will primarily include the environmental part of sustainability. The environmental work will focus on transparency, honesty and will work against greenwashing. The work is conducted by the Convenor of Utnarm.

Utnarm has a 3-year contract, starting from 2020, with Greentime which is an environmental labelling company. The goal is to label the event as sustainable, but as Greentime does not have a tool for virtual events, the labelling is postponed until the event is in-person again. However, guidelines for the labelling are taken to Utnarm’s environmental sustainability policy, which is an addition to UTN’s sustainability policy. The goal is to educate the Utnarm committee and integrate the sustainability work. You can find both policies here: Environmental Policy and Policy Environment and Climate

Marketing of companies

As part of our work, Utnarm will market the exhibiting companies’ sustainability work on Utnarm’s webpage. The marketing will be free of charge to avoid greenwashing and all companies will have the opportunity to participate. The interested exhibitors will write a text explaining how they work with sustainability from Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13, 14 and 15. They will have to mention at least one of the goals and also have to use references. We encourage you as a student to follow the references and read more about the exhibitors' work. This will allow you to form your own opinion while learning more about the companies. You can read more about the Sustainable Development Goals by click here.

Climate compensation

The fair will be climate compensated with 1 ton carbon dioxide equivalents (GWP100) per company through the tool This number is estimated by comparing climate compensation with other virtual fairs. The goal in the future is to calculate Utnarms own climate impact to see where the largest emissions are, so that we can reduce them and not just compensate for them.

The climate compensation is included in the fair fee of the 88 exhibitors, and therefore a total of 88 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents will be compensated and you can find the certificate here. The founded project is called Tropical Mix and is of tree planting in Panama to reduce deforestation, reduce art extinction and carbon sequestration . The project is certified with Gold standard, FSC and UTZ. You can read more about climate compensation and the project at:

The future

Utnarm’s official sustainability work started in the year 2019 with being certified by Håll Sverige Rent as sustainable. Utnarm has since then continued to develop our sustainability work and will evaluate this year’s work and pass on suggestions to next year’s Convenor. Next year Utnarm will hopefully have a sustainability certification as well as exact climate compensation calculations. Utnarm will also evaluate the marketing of exhibitors' environmental work. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to continue Utnarm’s work, please contact Convenor of Utnarm.