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Utnarm, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students career fair, is organized every year Thursday, week 45. During Utnarm you have the opportunity to meet driven and dedicated students, exchange ideas, inspire each other and find your future colleagues. The fair is held on Thursday, November 5th and is for the first time ever a virtual fair. It will be attended by over 100 exhibitors from all over Sweden and thousands of great engineering and science students in Uppsala! Utnarm is more than just a fair! Two weeks preceding the fair are packed with various events. The event period offers the opportunity to interact with students under your conditions. You can find more information about our events down below.

Our vision is to create the best possible meeting space between companies and students. Therefore we create a platform where you can meet and share experiences through a variety of interfaces.

Basic package


Virtual stall

Virtual stall at the virtual Utnarm fair


Active recruiter sourcing

Sort amongst the students and write your target group


CV access

Get access to the CVs of the candidates



Text-, voice- and videochat with students

Extra services



Host an online presentation during the fair



Direct email to target group before the fair


Pop Up

Get extra exposure during the fair


Prime placement

Get your logo on top of the event


Contact Talks

Individual talk for 30 minutes with students of you choice

Utnarm - More than just a career fair

The career fair will be preceded by two weeks of events, starting with a grand opening October, 26th. During weeks 44 and 45, your company has the opportunity to meet the engineering and science students in Uppsala. This is the perfect moment to gain the full interest of the students and show them what makes your company unique. 

Utnarm offers a wide variety of events, all with different types of interactions between you and the students. Invite the students on a tour through your offices, connect over a case or give a lunch lecture about your organization. We will customize it to your likings and make sure it works well with the COVID-19 restrictions.

Our events

We handle all administration around the events. Such as registrations, booking location, ordering food and marketing of the events.

  • Breakfast event
  • Field trip to your office
  • Evening event
  • Lunch event
  • Contact meetings
  • Bachelor and master thesis event
  • Webinar during the virtual fair

Contact meetings

Take the chance to connect with particularly dedicated students. Give them the opportunity to meet you on their own during the fair. You get to meet in a more relaxed setting where you can talk about everything from internships to future employment. Each meeting is approximately 30 min.

These are the possible packets:

Half a day with 6 meetings

The whole day with 12 meetings.

Bachelor and master thesis event

Seize students at their final stage of the education. Show them what you can offer before graduation. You and a few other companies get to present possible thesis projects.

40 participating last year students.

Approximately 5 participating companies.

3 representatives from each company.

If your company wishes to go beyond the basic package. We offer additional services and products. For more information, please read the price list.

Price list 2020

Terms 2020

For more information, please contact project manager Leo Hoff von Sydow at [email protected]