For Students 2020

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Virtual Career Fair

Utnarm 2020 will for the first time be a virtual career fair! We are also working on complementing the virtual fair with physical events according to the restrictions. The event weeks are held week 44 and week 45. More info regarding this will be posted on the website and on social media as the event draws closer.


When is the fair?

The fair will be held on November 5th, 9 am - 4 pm.


Where is the fair taking place?

Virtual Career fair

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

A virtual career fair is quite similar to a physical career fair. You get to meet and chat with potential employers from many different companies and organizations online and hear more about their organization, values and opportunities.

Virtual Stalls

Prior to the event you can learn about the companies by visiting their virtual stall. In the stall, the companies can post jobs, frequently asked questions, a video, company description and much more. From October 1:st most of the exhibitors will have their stall online.

Chat with Companies

During the event you have the chance to chat with representatives from the companies and organizations, similar to a physical fair. In addition to writing to companies, you can choose to video chat or voice chat for a more personal experience. Don’t be afraid to talk to companies!

Webinars and Contact Talks

During the fair day you can also attend webinars on the fair and contact talks. A webinar can be a presentation by a company or similar, live sent on the platform. As a student, you have the chance to ask questions during the webinar.

A contact talk is a 30 min personal talk with a company representative that you apply for in advance. The companies choose the students from the applications for a physical or virtual meeting. The contact talks are a great way to get a personal contact at a company and potentially a job.

How do you Prepare?

It’s important to prepare yourselves before a virtual career fair. To get the most out of Utnarm, make sure to start preparing early.

  1. Create a profile - First of all, create a profile on Careergate by pressing this link and choosing: “Sign up with UU student account”. The next step is to fill the profile and potentially add a resume (CV).
  2. Browse companies - Check what companies and organizations are attending and which ones you are interested in. On Careergate you can sort companies according to how the available jobs match your profile. You can also filter companies in our company catalog at as the event draws closer
  3. Do background research - Learn about the companies you are interested in talking to by reading about them in their stall and visiting their website.
  4. Elevator pitch - At any career fair, it is important to market yourself in a good way. Prepare an elevator pitch to get the company interested in you.
  5. Prepare questions - Prepare questions you want to ask the companies, preferably follow-up questions on things you have read..
  6. Visit the fair - Attend the fair on November 5th, and follow up on your contacts afterward.

Why should you attend?

Are you at the beginning of your education?
Take the opportunity to get inspiration for your future! At Utnarm, you have the possibility to broaden your horizons and explore exciting industries and the variety of companies available. Many companies have good advice for future course options and what your studies can lead to.

General but valuable advice can be found at all companies, so please do not hesitate to talk to the company that you do not think fits you, because who knows what you want to work with in the future? Even during years 1 and 2, you have good opportunities to make contacts that can lead to interesting summer jobs.

Are you in the middle of your education?

Here you have the perfect opportunity to talk to those companies that seem interesting for summer jobs, thesis and future employment. An excellent opportunity to get inspiration for the choices of courses in your education.

Ask the companies what they look for in their employees - perhaps they want students who have been on exchange studies or students who have been involved in the student union.

Are you at the end of your education?

Utnarm could be your step out into working life, so come prepared. Get all the information you need about your thesis and jobs after graduation. Build contacts and collect information about the companies you think would suit you. But remember to think outside the box, perhaps your dream company is something very different than you originally thought - which way do you want to go?

Further questions:

Do you have questions regarding Utnarm? Go to our contact section and find the email to the committee members.

During the fair, the Utnarm committee will be there to answer any questions you have.