Shape Utnarm

Utnarm is the largest career fair in Uppsala with over 100 exhibitors and more than 3000 students. It's been arranged by students, for students since 1991. As a student at the Scitech-faculty, YOU have the opportunity to be part of this grand event and gain a lot of good experience and expand your network.

You can adapt your involvement in Utnarm depending on how much time and effort you want to put in. The earlier you jump on the Utnarm train, the more you can shape the event and develop yourself.


The Organization

Project manager

The Project manager is the main responsible for Utnarm. This includes in particular the legal and financial aspects of the event. The Project manager is recruited in October and leads the project from start to finish with the support of the management team.

Management team

The management team leads the committee throughout the year. The management team consists of three group leaders, the project manager and the convenor.


The Utnarm committee consists of 21 people who together plan and execute the project. Being part of the committee, you get the opportunity to shape Utnarm and make it one of the best career fairs in Sweden. You will have an area of responsibility which you get to plan, structure and execute, with the help of the committee at your disposal. During the year you will have a group leader who will guide you and you might get to be in charge of some group coordinators and personnel. The committee consists of four groups. The management team, the fair group, the corporate relations group and the marketing group. The committee is recruited at the end of March.

Group Coordinators

The group coordinators work with the operational parts of Utnarm. They are an extension of the committee and will work together with a committee member with an area of responsibility to simply get things done. As group coordinator you work from September to November.


The personnel is one of the most important parts of Utnarm. They mostly work during the fair day to make the experience the best it can be to our students and exhibitors. Personnel are recruited in the beginning of September.

Perks of joining Utnarm

  • Experience you can’t get in your studies
  • Inside connections with recruiters
  • Great on your CV
  • Friends for life
  • Leadership practice
  • Lots of fun
  • Graphic design in adobe
  • Free stuff
  • Memories for life
  • And much more!


  • Do I need any prior experience to apply for Utnarm?

    No prior experience is needed. If you have worked with or attended Utnarm before it’s a bonus of course. What’s important is that you are driven and motivated to make Utnarm a great event and have fun along the way!

  • How much time does it take to be part of the committee?

    We have 2 evening meetings a week and sometimes we have team buildings or work days on the weekends. Some positions have their work more spread out and some have more intense periods.

    Since it’s a student involvement it’s adapted so there shouldn’t be a problem to do this while you study. You will have the freedom to do as much as you want, within the position's limitations.

  • Is it fun?

    It’s a lot of fun! Ask people who have been involved in Utnarm before if you are unsure!