Information for Personnel

The Fair

7:th of November


07:00 Breakfast for personnel

07:30 Company representatives arrive and begin assembling their booth.

08:30 Company lounge opens.

9:00 The Fair opens

11:00-14:00 Lunch (You will be assigned time slot for lunch.)

15:00 Company lounge closes.

15:30-16:30 Gather coats from wardrobe. Company hosts gather their coats after their company has left. The wardrobe should be emptied at 16:30.

16:00 The Fair closes

16:00 Down rig.

17:00 Exchange personnel shirt for ticket to banquet.

18:00 Arrive at the Banquet at V-Dala nation.

As you are supposed to return your personnel shirt, it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes.


V-Dala3 (Not ours)Photo taken by: Aishvarya Tandon

The Banquet

After two weeks full of activites and an inpiring fair, Utnarm will be completed with a magnificent banquet at V-dala nation. All students who have contibuted to Utnarm will be invited to a three course meal. It is the  perfect oppurtunity to mingle with company representatives in a more relaxed setting. The banquet will be followed by dancing, with DJs and a silent disco. There will also be rooms for continued mingling.

Place: V-Dala nation

Time: 18dk

Dress code: Formal

If you have any questions concerning the banquet, feel free to contact Elina Elvelo at [email protected]