For Students

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The Fair

Utnarm, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students career fair, is organized every year Thursday, week 45. This year, the fair will be held on November 7th in house 5 at ITC. More than 120 companies will attend. The fair is the perfect opportunity to meet future employers.



Event Weeks

Utnarm is more than a career fair. A variety of events will be held during week 42 & 45. Go on a breakfast or lunch event where you learn more about companies and their work. Or maybe meet an employer on your own in a contact meeting where you can talk about everything from internships to future employment. 

Registrations to the events will open in the future. Keep your eyes open on our social media and website!

  • Breakfast event
  • Field trip to the companies office
  • Evening event
  • Lunch event
  • Contact meeting
  • Bachelor and master thesis evening.


Utnarm cannot be held without its personnel. As a volunteer you get to meet other students in the union. Among other benefits, volunteers will be invited to the grand banquet at V-Dala nation after the fair. There you will be seated together with company representatives and can talk in a more festive setting. You can read more and apply here.

If you want a longer comittment or want to take on  more responsibility you can apply to become a group coordinator. As a group coordinator you will be working close together with the comittee during the autumn. You can read more and apply  here.



First Year Student?

Even though theres several years until your graduation, Utnarm is still something for you. The fair is the perfect opportunity to find out what workplaces the future holds, and what competence is desired. Also don't miss the oppurtunity to volunteer during the fair and meet other students within UTN and the committee.