The Banquet

The fair is not the end of Utnarm!

After the fair we welcome you to the Utnarm Banquet at V-Dala Nation where you will be offered great entertainment and a three course menu. Here you will be seated next to the students that have voluntarily helped make Utnarm happen, along with other company representatives. Take the chance to network with students in a more casual atmosphere and enjoy the end of Utnarm 2019. It will be a night of entertainment and student spirit. As the night goes on, the doors will open to the after party. This is where your co-workers and other students can join the party and dance to great music.

Place: Västmanlands-Dala Nation, St: Larsgatan 13 

Time: 18 dk. The pre-drink is served from 18:00-18:30. 

Dresscode: Formal

Price: 810 SEK, includes three-course dinner, pre-drink, beer/cider, two glasses of wine and a snaps. It will be possible to purchase extra drink-tickets during the pre-drink.

If you have any question regarding the banquet, feel free to contact the Head of Food and Banquet Elina Elvelo at: [email protected]

Photo taken by: Aishvarya Tandon