Virtual Career Fair

  • How to get access to the Virtual Career Fair?

    The virtual fair will be held on careergate, a job platform for Uppsala University. To get access to the fair you need to log in to careergate using your UU student portal account and then you need to register to the fair by pressing the big green register button. Accept your phone number and you are registered for the fair!

  • How will the Virtual Fair work?

    At the fair site, you will be greeted by a site with all the companies that are on the fair. You can learn about the companies by visiting their virtual stall. In the stall, the companies can post jobs, frequently asked questions, a video, company description and much more. From October 1:st most of the exhibitors will have their stalls online. During the fair you have the chance to chat with representatives from the companies and organizations, similar to a physical fair. In addition to writing to companies, you can choose to video chat or voice chat for a more personal experience. Don’t be afraid to talk to companies! You can also attend webinars on the fair and contact talks. A webinar can be a presentation by a company or similar, live sent on the platform. As a student, you have the chance to ask questions during the webinar.

  • How do I get the most out of the Virtual Career Fair?

    A get prepared webinar is held in collaboration with the University on October 29th. At this event you will learn how to get the most out of a virtual fair. You can also see our step by step guide here.

  • How many exhibitors are coming to the Virtual Career Fair?

    We will have about 70 exhibitors at our fair making it the biggest virtual career fair in Sweden this year!

  • How do I find the right company for me?

    In our company catalogue, you can filter the companies according to industry. At the virtual fair in Careergate, you can learn about the companies and see what they are working with, what they think is important and potential positions they are searching for right now.

  • How does a Contact Talk work?

    Some companies have contact talks which is a video conversation on the platform that you apply for in advance. It's a great opportunity to get personal contact at a company. It allows you complete attention from a company where you really can get the most out of your talk.

  • How do I talk to companies?

    Go into the stall of a company you want to talk to. Choose one of the chat topics in the stall and start chatting. The company representative can initiate a voice- or video call if you both want to talk in that way. Companies can also reach out to you when you are online! All initiated conversations can be continued after the fair as the chats are saved.


  • What are the Event Weeks?

    Before the fair we have two weeks of events starting on Monday, October 26th! The events are designed to inspire and motivate students, as well as to show what opportunities there are in the future.

  • What is the Opening Ceremony?

    October 26th is the first day of Utnarm’s event weeks. There will be a digital opening ceremony where the project manager for Utnarm will give a warm welcome to everyone followed by an inspirational lecture held by the author and lecturer, Gabriella Wejlid!

  • How do I attend the Event Weeks?

    You register for the Utnarm events through Eventbrite (except the CV-photography). When you register for the events you have a great chance to be awarded a goodie bag with lots of good stuff, you also get the link to the event by email. The link to the event will be uploaded on our Facebook event as well but then you are not in the raffle of goodie bags. Links will be sent/uploaded when the events are approaching.

  • What about the Lounge?

    There will still be free fika and coffee! Utnarm will do home delivery! Because of the situation with Covid-19, we will unfortunately not be able to have any physical lounges. But Utnarm will still deliver fika to students attending the fair! For more information, click here.

  • How do I get updated information about Utnarm?

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates about Utnarm.

Covid-19 information

  • What measures are taken towards Covid-19?

    Due to the current situation in Uppsala, we have changed the event weeks. All events are now digitalized to reduce the spread. The lounge is also different this year with home delivery! For more information, click here. Utnarm takes the corona situation seriously and will ensure that safe events and a safe fair are created by following current recommendations and restrictions.