About Us

Welcome to Utnarm 2021

What is Utnarm?

Utnarm is Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' Career Fair, held on Thursday week 45 every year.

During an intense day, the students get the opportunity to meet with companies and organizations from multiple business areas and industries. It's a great platform for students and industry to meet and discuss future thesis, summer jobs and employment.

At Utnarm, SciTech's students get the opportunity to find inspiration, motivation and valuable contacts for the future. The fair is early in November and is preceded by two weeks filled with exciting events to prepare students for what is expected of them when they have graduated.

The fair is usually attended by more than 100 exhibiting companies and organizations who are there to meet interesting students. 

The fair will this year be held on a virtual platform and can be found here. Create an account by using your student email and visit the fair from wherever you are.

The People Behind Utnarm

My name is Felix Kåhrström and I usually study Engineering Physics year 5. Right now I’m taking a gap year as I work full time with Utnarm. I am the project manager of Utnarm.

As Project Manager I am in charge of the whole project and I am also responsible for the economy of the project. I have been planning the project since November 2019 and I lead the management team and the committee in their work.

Covid-19 has affected my work in a way I did not think possible a year ago. The whole concept of the fair has changed and I have been working on the changes since March. Most of the things I planned we would do have had to be replanned. It has been a really exciting and tough year and I am very happy that we created such a good solution for both students and companies.

Yoohoo! My name is Minna Sayehban and I'm in my 2nd year of X (Masters in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering). As a person I would say that I’m perky in a sophisticated way and I’m usually happy for no reason.

I'm the Group Leader of the Marketing Group, which consists of the IT-admins and the Art Directors. I hold the marketing group meetings, I help my group with their position work and I'm responsible for Utnarm's marketing plan and our social media.

Being a group leader also means I'm part of the management team. Together we appointed the committee and we're also the ones who make the main decisions regarding the project.

The marketing has been tough this year due to Covid-19. With no possibilities for physical marketing we've been restricted to digital solutions. The same goes for the work in the management team; the project has taken a completely different turn and it has required double the amount of work. It amazes me that we still managed to pull the project through and I'm proud to be part of Utnarm.

Hallå, I'm Laleh Aftabi and I’m currently studying my second year of a Master’s in Computer Science. I'm so proud to be one of the IT-Admins with my friend Vaidehi in Utnarm 2020.

As IT-Admins we are responsible to develop and update the website information which requires us to be in touch with all the committee members and make sure that our website is clear and informative for all students. Our work is not affected that much due to COVID-19 as most of our work was online from the beginning.

Hejsan!! I am Vaidehi Vipra and I am in my second year of a Master's in Computer Science. I am so happy to be one of the IT-Admins in Utnarm 2020. Especially as an international student being given a chance to be a part of Sweden's largest virtual career fair.

I am responsible for developing and updating the website to a large extent along with my colleague and friend, Laleh. We also handle the Jexpo application, sending companies the Initial application as well as the final application for registering for the event.

I also check in with other committee members quite often to make sure their events are displayed correctly. Also to take help from them for content or photographs on the website.

I must say that COVID-19 hasn't affected our position that much. In fact, since the event is all virtual we were supposed to make sure all new information was spread correctly through the website. That was a lot of work but we learned quite a lot during our journey.

Hello, hello, my name is Joaquin Villaverde. I study Chemical Engineering (Civilingenjörsprogrammet i kemiteknik) and I am one of the Art Directors this year for Utnarm. My main responsibility is designing and ordering committee/group coordinator hoodies. I also take photos/videos of events and edit them. I'm also in charge of the CV-photography event and help provide material (pictures/videos/posters etc.) to the marketing for Utnarm.

Due to corona many events became virtual, and there is no need for us to photograph the events. This gives both us and our group coordinators less work. However, the digital marketing became more important, such as videos and pictures.

Hello, my name is Christine Attemalm and I'm studying Chemical Engineering. I'm an Art Director for Utnarm 2020.

As an Art Director, I’m in charge of the graphical content and material for Utnarm 2020. Examples of the graphical content are: prints for the lounge, the banquet and banners for Facebook events and homepage. I’m also responsible for designing and ordering the profile products as well as the patches for everybody involved in Utnarm 2020. I also help my group leader with the marketing.

This year my position was a little different due to Covid-19. The graphical content and material were all digitized and the marketing has been different since there are no students on campus. Other than that, most of my position work has been the same.

Hi, I am Albin Åbrink. I am in my fifth year of STS (Master’s in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering) and I have the position Group leader of the Fair group.

I lead and help the work of the Fair group. I lead all the group’s meetings and try to help them structure their position work in a way that is sustainable. I am also part of the management team, meaning I am one of five that searched for and appointed the committee. The management team also makes the larger decisions about the project and the course it takes. I am also responsible for Utnarm's space in the Barn.

Because of Covid, there is no physical fair this year which has meant a lot of rethinking and helping the Fair group rethink their positions and things that they usually do. This is also applicable for the work in the management team, with a lot of rethinking and making sure that the project will work even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. Other than that most things are quite close to a normal year (not really but yeah).

Hellooooo! My name is Gabriella Segervall and I'm studying my fourth year of Material science. I'm a little bit dorky but in a good way.

I'm Head of Lunch and Banquet and I'm usually responsible for the preparations of the lunch for the companies and the personnel during the fair day. I would also have fixed the banquet on the evening of the fair. In other words, I handle all the fun stuff for Utnarm's fair day.

Due to corona and a lot of new local restrictions, I haven't been able to do the things I should have done a normal year. The lunch is still planned for the committee and group coordinators. Other than that, I have been helping with the marketing and posting stuff in the FB event.

Hi, I'm Avin. I'm studying in my 4th year of IT. I'm an Event manager in Utnarm 2020.

I'm responsible for the contact talks so that students can have longer meetings with companies.

It was kind of challenging to make this event possible during COVID-19 but I did my best.

Helloo! My name is Maria and I'm in my 4th year of STS. This year I’m head of logistics which means that I’m a part of the fair group.

As head of logistics I’m responsible for all logistics for the fair and also the safety regarding the fair.

This year my work got more or less cancelled due to Covid-19, so I have been doing some minor work around logistics and otherwise I have been helping out others, for example with the lounge and decorations for the streamed events.

Hi! My name is Sofia and I'm Head of Lounge in Utnarm this year. I am in my fifth year of Engineering Physics.

As Head of Lounge I am responsible for everything related to the lounges during the fair day. This includes baking, decorating, serving etc. I am also responsible for feeding the committee during team buildings and workdays.

Because of covid-19 there will be no physical lounges that I can decorate and serve fika in. BUT! We have come up with a completely new lounge concept! We will deliver homemade fika to students attending the fair from home. If you want free fika and coffee delivered to a student area near you, check out the information under "For Students 2020".

I am Danny Duke, currently pursuing my second year in Industrial Management and Innovation Program at Uppsala University.

I am the convenor for Utnarm 2020. Being the Convenor, one of my main responsibilities is to plan and create the agenda for the management team as well as the committee meetings, and also getting the Eco-Label Certificate for the fair.

Other Responsibilities involve maintaining a good relationship with other committees for exchange of work, creating an internal schedule and helping the management team in planning and implementing Team Building activities.

Due to the Covid situation, we couldn't host our physical fair as a result there was no need to work on getting the Eco-Label Certificate.

Hi, I'm Oskar. I am currently in the 4th year of a master’s in engineering physics, and I'm the Head of Facilities in Utnarm 2020, which makes me part of the Fair group.

I'm responsible for everything related to facilities. Booking lecture halls for lunch lectures and classrooms for meetings etc. My largest responsibility is usually the huge fair tent outside of the exam hall and the exam hall itself. It would also include all the chairs, tables and dishes used in the tent.

While the Coronavirus is what it is, pretty much all of my work is completely removed. We're not having a physical fair, i.e. no tent and no physical events. My largest responsibility this year was keeping contact with Ångström about facilities to stream from and questions from the committee. Most of the time I’m emailing the reception and booking facilities or just helping other committee members with their work.

Hello! My name is Viktor Hansen and I am in my last year at the chemical engineering programme. For Utnarm 2020, I serve as a Group Leader for the Corporate Relations Group!

This means that my main responsibility is to coordinate the work of my 6 group members. My group works with events, communication with companies, registration and sponsors. Along with this, I am also responsible for the Opening Ceremony and being the contact person for a bunch of companies.

Covid-19 has affected my workload and the workload of my group heavily. Utnarm decided to prepare for both physical and virtual scenarios, which means that the fair setup, terms and conditions, event planning and many other things needed double work and coordination. Communicating this in a clear way to companies has been an interesting task. Attracting companies during the Covid-19 generated budget cutbacks, which has also been a challenge.

Hello Peeps! I am Shreya Kohli and I am pursuing a Master's in Embedded Systems. I am one of the Event Managers for Utnarm 2020. I am responsible for organizing and managing events during the Event weeks. A major event that I organize is the Research day where we invite professors to speak about their research topics or have a panel discussion.

Covid has been a game-changer this year. We have had to change the format of the events multiple times, all because of the pandemic! From only having a virtual career fair to making everything virtual, Covid immensely affected our work.

Helloooo! My name is Caspar Norée Palm. I am in my 3rd year of Engineering Physics (F) and I have the position Head of HR and Recruitment.

As Head of HR and Recruitment I am primarily responsible for appointing, educating and managing group coordinators and personnel.

Since the physical fair was cancelled there is no need for personnel and we appointed fewer group coordinators. Instead I've worked with other parts of the project in order to make the fair and the events as good as possible virtually.

Well Hello! I'm Adela, a 25 y/o gal who is Head of Sponsors for Utnarm 2020. I'm in my last year of W (miljö- och vattenteknik) and currently writing my master thesis in Stockholm about rock mechanics and grouting. My love for olives and balsamico is way too complicated. I can’t handle pictures of snakes. If you want to know me better then don’t buy me coca-cola light. I hug people too much and because of the social distancing, my personality is around 70% atm but don’t worry about it.

As Head of Sponsors, my main responsibility is the goodie bags and therefore I have contacted several companies, both the ones that attend the fair and external companies that don’t. I also work together with the art directors who are responsible for the profile products in the case companies want to do a collaboration or design merch together with Utnarm.

Usually, merchandise and sponsored products are given by companies that attend the fair but this year I had to contact companies that won’t attend as well. We also had to rethink when we could have giveaways because of the restrictions. In previous years, Utnarm gave away all the goodie bags at the opening ceremony and this year we have spread it out.

My name is Vendela Werner and I’m in my third year at the molecular biotechnology programme. I’m one of the event managers for this year's Utnarm.

As an event manager I, along with the other two managers, manage all the events that occur during the two event weeks before the fair. I also have a special responsibility over the master thesis event.

COVID-19 changed all of the events to online events and made my own event into a magazine.

Hi! My name is Alma Bäckman and I'm in my 5th year of the Master’s Programme in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering with an IT specialization. In Utnarm I am Head of Enterprise.

Covid-19 has changed my position work a lot! I have had loads of extra responsibilities, due to the fact that the fair will be conducted on the platform Graduateland. I have tried helping and keeping track of over 70 companies on the platform. There have been a lot of questions, meetings and new concepts that I have guided the companies through. It has been a challenge, but it has also been really fun to be on this journey and trying this new concept.